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Tani prąd w Norwegii - Viddakraft
Tani prąd w Norwegii - Viddakraft
Tani prąd w Norwegii z najlepszymi opiniami klientów.
4.9 out of 5 stars based on 107 reviews.
Tani prąd w Norwegii z najlepszymi opiniami klientów na rynku.
4.9 out of 5 stars
based on 107 reviews.
Tani prąd w Norwegii - Viddakraft

About Viddakraft

We are a recognized and reliable electricity provider in Norway. We stand out with our competitive prices, clear contract terms, and the best customer service in the market. We handle all formalities related to subscription transfers and ensure that all our customers feel well taken care of. No questions go unanswered.

The name Viddakraft reflects our values and goals. The word “vidda” refers to the beautiful Norwegian mountain landscapes, where water flows down to create “kraft” – electrical energy and strength.

The quality of our services is confirmed by an ever-increasing number of five-star reviews on Google and social media.



0 øre/kWh surcharge - try it with no markup for the first month!

Everything is clear - you pay the price of energy from the Nord Pool market, plus 11.10 øre/kWh (about 1 € cent/kWh) and a fixed monthly fee of 47 NOK regardless of usage. The price of electricity changes every hour, and the terms of the agreement are guaranteed for 12 months.

Switch supplier whenever you want

No termination fees

For customers with a D-number.

The Consumer Council's electricity price portal.

What is the "SPOT" price?

The term “spot” refers to the hourly prices of electricity from the Nord Pool exchange. All our electricity deals use spot prices, which means the amount you pay for electricity adjusts according to market prices.

Do you want to pay less for electricity?


Cheap and simple

Tani prąd w Norwegii, jesteś o krok od podpisania umowy.

17 seconds away..

It takes about 17 seconds to sign up.

Tani prąd w Norwegii otrzymasz bez-obsługowo.

We process your order

We will contact you if we need additional information.

Tani prąd w Norwegii w trzech krokach.


We will notify you when the contract has been activated.

why spot zero?

Smilende person som ser til siden

Simple and easy A clear contract with transparent terms, allowing you to switch providers or terminate the service whenever you want.

Smilende person som ser på en tablet

Practical price overview. Monitor your electricity usage and costs in our app.

Smilende person som ser på en tablet

No extra costs. No hidden fees or penalties – just honest and simple contracts.

Person som smiler og bruker en bærbar datamaskin

Security and quality. We prioritize your comfort with good prices and the best customer service.

Want to know more?

Leave your phone number to be contacted by our sales department.
We will call you to discuss the offer in detail.
We do not enter into contracts over the phone.

Are you already a customer and need help?

If you need help and quick contact, use our help center.

Viddakraft App

Electricity always in your pocket!

See live electricity prices

Monitor your electricity usage

Historical data

Costs so far this month

Your invoices



Do you want to pay less for electricity?



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5-star ratings in Google and on social media