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Get to know us

Get to know us

Moderne bordlampe på et koselig sidebord ved sofaen.

We are a limited liability company and electricity supplier since 2021. We have a sales license from the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate for the purchase and sale of electricity throughout the country. Since our inception, we've focused on providing customers with friendly electricity prices, made possible by reducing fixed operating costs - our small but ambitious team works almost entirely remotely and project-based.

Viddakraft's mission is to deliver electricity on simple and understandable terms, helping customers take control of their electricity consumption and bills. The confirmation of our words and effectiveness is the positive feedback that we are proud of.

We rely on modern technologies and advanced IT systems that meet global security standards, guaranteeing data security and continuity of our processes.

Viddakraft in numbers

Viddakraft in numbers


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Who is behind Viddakraft

Who is behind Viddakraft

Filip Krzewski, /Uttales [Ksjefski]/ ,
initiator and co-founder of Viddakraft, has been associated with the energy industry in Norway since 2016.

"I've lived in Norway since I was 14 years old and have a real love for this country. With Viddakraft, I want to give something back. We make electricity easy, affordable and worry-free. I'm passionate about giving our customers a better everyday life, with personal service that always puts you first" - Filip Krzewski.

At Viddakraft, you're more than just a customer - you're part of our family. We help you take control of your electricity consumption so you can spend more time on what really matters. Together we create safety and joy in everyday life.

Corporate social responsibility in Viddakraft

Corporate social responsibility in Viddakraft

Viddakraft is proud to support foreigner communities in Norway. We build bridges between Norwegians and other cultures through various events. We help foreigners in Norway to integrate and understand Norwegian values and culture. Our initiatives make Norway a better place for everyone, even if you're not a foreigner. Together, we create a warmer and more inclusive society that everyone can be proud of.