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For Customers with D-number

For Customers with D-number

Viddakraft is the simplest electricity option in Norway for customers with a D-number.

When you have a D-number, it means you are temporarily in Norway. Therefore, it is difficult for us to conduct a credit check or collect payments if a customer does not pay an electricity bill. This is why almost no other electricity companies offer power for customers with a D-number, but we do.

Customers with D-number have pay a deposit of between 1500 – 3000 NOK. The deposit will be refunded after the customer relationship ends.

Do you need to pay a deposit? We will send you an email with instructions after placing an order.

The information we receive with the order must match the information we receive in the bank transfer:

First Name: (Customer’s first name)
Last Name: (Customer’s last name)
Message for the transfer: “Here you must enter your full name and a unique code generated by the system.”

Do you have any other questions? Maybe you can find the answers here.

You can always send us a message on our website (weekdays), or send us an email at