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Frequently Asked Questions – Invoice

Frequently Asked Questions – Invoice

Where can I find my invoice?

Viddakraft sends out invoices once a month, and they arrive at the beginning of the month, usually between the 1st and the 7th. Your invoice will then be available at the bottom right of the app under “Invoices”. You can also find your invoice as a PDF on “My Page”.

What payment methods can I choose from?

You can choose between eFaktura, Avtale Giro – then your invoice will appear automatically in your online bank and on Vipps. Viddakraft can also send the invoice as a PDF via email or directly to your mailbox. Paper invoices have a fee of 8.37 NOK.

Can I change the due date on the invoice?

You can change the due date on your invoice by contacting our customer service.

Why am I not getting energy subsidy?

Viddakraft currently does not offer direct invoicing for the grid fee and energy support at one bill. The grid fee and energy subsidy will therefore appear on the invoice from your local grid owner.

What costs are displayed in the app’s calculations?

The app shows costs so far this month. The cost includes only the spot price with a margin without the fixed fee or other additional services.

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