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Frequently Asked Questions – Prices and Electricity Contracts

Frequently Asked Questions – Prices and Electricity Contracts

I am considering becoming a customer of Viddakraft. Do you have a good offer?

Viddakraft is a low-cost provider that offers electricity contracts based on the spot price. Clear prices and terms, along with a simple and user-friendly app, give you everything you need from an electricity supplier. The transition is completely hassle-free, and we always keep our finger on the pulse.

Can I be held responsible for the previous tenant/homeowner’s electricity debt?

No, electricity in Norway follows the person, not the residence or the electricity meter itself.

What is the risk of switching to Viddakraft?

We are an electricity supplier with a license from the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE). Our IT systems are of the highest standards in the industry, we only offer reasonable electricity contracts, and billing is done in arrears. We handle the entire supplier switch for you.

Will I receive energy subsidy?

Yes, all our private customers receive energy support on the invoice from their local grid company. Energy support rates vary from month to month; when the electricity price is low, the amount may be small or non-existent. If the electricity price rises, you will receive a higher payout.

Do I only need to register, and you handle the rest?

Yes, as soon as you have registered as a customer, we will take care of the following: electricity and registration with the grid owner. They will invoice you for the grid fee and send you the energy subsidy from the government. You will receive an email when your contract is activated. Then you can download our app and keep track of electricity prices and your consumption as soon as our delivery starts.

Is it easy to register as a customer?

The fastest we have managed with a mobile phone was 17 seconds.

What is Nord Pool?

All electricity purchased by electricity suppliers in Norway and delivered to you comes from the Nord Pool power exchange. This is an international power exchange covering 15 countries.

What are electricity certificates?

Electricity certificates are a technology-neutral support scheme that makes it more profitable to invest in power production based on renewable energy sources, such as water, wind, solar, and bioenergy. The scheme is regulated by the Electricity Certificates Act and the Electricity Certificates Regulations.

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