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Get Started with Viddakraft

Get Started with Viddakraft

Getting started as a customer of Viddakraft is easy.

Register here, and you’ll be up and running in 1-2-3!

Download the Viddakraft app from the App Store or Google Play and log in with your phone number when you receive an email that your electricity contract has been activated.

We handle the transfer, and when Viddakraft starts, the other contract on your electricity meter will be automatically terminated.

If you have a binding period with your previous electricity supplier, let us know from which date the contract can start.

We can also register you on a new electricity meter when moving.

What do I need to register as a customer?

If you already have an electricity meter registered in your name, we can usually activate your new contract based on the information you provide in the order form. If your current electricity contract is registered to another person, such as a spouse or partner, we need the meter number or the measurement point ID to activate it.

How do I find the meter number and measurement point ID?

Meter number: This is located on your electricity meter. Meter numbers are typically 16 digits long and usually start with 57, 69, or 73.

Measurement point ID: This number can be found on the latest invoice from your electricity supplier or by logging in to The number always starts with 7070575000 and is a total of 18 digits.

Do you have any other questions? Maybe you can find the answers here.

You can always send us a message on our website (weekdays), or send us an email at