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New Customer? These are the most frequently asked questions

New Customer? These are the most frequently asked questions

1️⃣ 1️⃣ I have registered with you now. Do I need to cancel my old electricity supplier?

You don’t need to. We handle that for you. If you have a binding period on the contract (unfortunately, we cannot check this for you), inform us so that we can start our delivery from the correct date.

2️⃣ When will my electricity contract be activated with you?

Viddakraft typically starts after 14 days unless you want us to start earlier. You can choose an early start in the order form by selecting “I want Viddakraft to start electricity delivery before the end of the withdrawal period, at the earliest in 2 days.” or by sending us an email after placing the order.

We will send you an email when everything is ready.

3️⃣ When will my electricity contract be activated when I move into a new residence?

When “moving in,” we can register the electricity meter in your name up to 30 days back or forward in time, as you wish. Most electricity meters are automatic, so we will receive all consumption data from your local grid owner.

4️⃣ Will Viddakraft invoice both for electricity and the grid fee?

The invoice for electricity will come from Viddakraft, but the invoice for the grid fee will come separately from your grid company.

5️⃣ How do I set up direct debit or eInvoice?

You can set up direct debit and eInvoice as soon as you become our customer. You set up eInvoice and direct debit in your online bank.

6️⃣ Can others in my household use the Viddakraft app?

If you want to give access to other family members to your account, they can download the app, and you can log in for them with your user credentials.

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