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What is a measurement point ID (MålepunktID)?

What is a measurement point ID (MålepunktID)?

A “measurement point ID” (MPID) is also known as a “measurement point-ID” and refers to a unique identification of a specific measurement point in the Norwegian power grid. This ID is used to precisely identify where in the grid power consumption occurs, which is especially important for accurate settlement and billing of electricity.

Every electricity meter in Norway has a unique measurement point ID. This ID is alphanumeric and is often longer than the old meter number.

When you switch electricity suppliers, move to a new address, or make other changes affecting your electricity contract, you may be asked to provide the measurement point ID. This ensures that the correct measurement point is read and that you are billed accurately. The measurement point ID can often be found on your electricity bill or by logging into if you are already registered as a customer on the electricity meter. The number always starts with 7070575000 and is a total of 18 digits.

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