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When does Viddakraft start electricity delivery?

When does Viddakraft start electricity delivery?

Startup when changing suppliers:

Viddakraft typically starts after 14 days unless you want us to start earlier. You can select “Early Start” in the order form by selecting the desired start date in the order form and then confirming “Early Start”. You can also send us an email after placing your order.

Startup when “Moving in”:

When “Moving in”, we can register the electricity meter in your name up to 30 days back or forward in time, as you wish. Around 99% of all electricity meters in Norway are automatic, so we will get all consumption data from your local grid owner. If you move in back in time, you must also confirm “Early Start” in the booking form.

What is “Early Start”?

According to the Right of Withdrawal Act, §Angrerettloven, Viddakraft is obliged to wait 14 days before we can start your electricity delivery, regardless of whether the agreement has a binding period or not. However, with your consent, we can begin delivery before the cooling-off period is over. This consent, which you can easily give in the order form, is called “Early Start”. By choosing this option, we are able to start our delivery in as few as 2 days

ATTENTION! Viddakraft starts all deliveries on a 24-hour basis. It is not possible to start delivery from a specific time of day.

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