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Where does my electricity come from?

Where does my electricity come from?

All electricity purchased by electricity suppliers in Norway and delivered to you comes from the Nord Pool power exchange. This is an international power exchange covering 15 countries. The electricity offered there is a mix produced from various sources. This can be anything from hydropower, wind power, nuclear power, or coal power. It is not possible to buy only renewable electricity, but renewable electricity production can be supported by choosing origin guarantees.

Origin Guarantees

An origin guarantee is a certificate that confirms that a given amount of electricity is produced at a specific power plant. As a consumer, it allows you to “account” for renewable energy production equivalent to your consumption, which promotes traceability and stimulates more renewable energy in the market. As a customer of Viddakraft, you will soon be able to order such guarantees by contacting our customer service. Remember that even if you support renewable sources with these certificates, there is no guarantee that the electricity in your socket directly comes from these sources.

We will inform all customers when it becomes possible to order origin guarantees from Viddakraft.

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