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For customers with a D-number

Frequently asked questions

As a customer with a D number, will I receive electricity support?

Yes, all our private customers, including those with a D-number, receive electricity support on invoice from their local grid company. Energy support rates vary from month to month; when the electricity price is low, the amount may be small or non-existent. If the electricity price rises, you will receive a higher payout.

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Can I choose the start date for the delivery?

Yes, when we register you on an electricity meter, we can start delivery up to 30 days back in time. If you switch to us from another electricity company, we can start delivery in 2 days at the fastest.

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Can I be held responsible for the previous tenant/homeowner's electricity debt?

No, electricity in Norway follows the person, not the residence or the electricity meter itself.

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As a customer with a D-number, how much do I have to pay as a deposit?

It is often not possible to credit check a customer with a D-number. Customers with a D-number must pay a deposit between 1500 - 3000 NOK. The deposit depends on the expected annual consumption on your electricity meter. The deposit is refunded when the customer relationship ends. You will receive instructions for payment of the deposit after booking.

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Kundeanmeldelse med 5 stjerner
Kundeanmeldelse med 5 stjerner

The deal:

Everything is clear and transparent – what's included in your bill:

Try without a surcharge for the first 30 days.
Price guarantee for 12 months.

Here’s what you’ll see on your bill:

Spot price from Nord Pool

Pay for the electricity you use hour by hour.

0,111 NOK/kWh


47 NOK

Monthly fixed fee

No binding period

No termination fee

Grid rent and government subsidies are billed directly by your local grid owner, not by Viddakraft.

Check the terms and conditions

The Consumer Council's electricity price portal.

- The offer applies to private customers with an annual consumption under 50,000 kWh.

- The offer is for new and existing customers.

- We require a positive credit check or the payment of an agreed deposit upon ordering.

Free eFaktura/Vipps and PDF invoice by email. Paper invoice by mail costs 8.37 NOK per month.


No binding period

Switch whenever you want without termination fees.

No hidden surcharges

You can always check your invoice in the app.

Electricity 24/7 in the Viddakaft App

You get real-time updates on spot prices and can monitor your consumption in the app.

Data security

Our IT provider has ISO 270001 security certification.

Quick Responses!

Questions = answers. We are fast on the keyboard.

Talk to us

Leave your phone number for contact with our sales department.
We will call you to discuss the offer in detail.
We do not make electricity agreements with customers over the phone.

Existing customer?

If you need help and quick contact, use our help center.

Switching electricity suppliers has never been easier!

Do you already have an agreement with another electricity supplier? Don't worry about the formalities. We handle everything.

Good to know:

You have a 14-day right of withdrawal on your purchase.

You can choose how you want to receive invoices in the order form (eFaktura/vipps, paper mail or E-mail with PDF attached), and in the meantime, you can monitor your consumption in the Viddakraft App.

Any changes in prices and terms will be notified 30 days in advance via email and/or SMS. According to the law, you can reject the new terms and terminate the agreement without consequences.

We invoice the electricity cost according to your price area. Customers in the price area NO4 (North) don´t pay 25% VAT.

Grid rent and government subsidies are billed directly by your local grid owner, not by Viddakraft.

Our offer is so clear and straightforward that we have nothing more to add. Don't waste time thinking – join our satisfied customers.

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